If you are looking for my posts, you can find them here on a new blog page. I have expanded this website to include workshops I can offer to interested groups and a list of resources.

War is the most irrational societal action carried out by human beings. Fighting a war requires organizing enormous resources, convincing or coercing people to risk their lives to kill other human beings, and convincing others to support the war. The deaths, injuries, terror, destruction of homes and the environment, have severe effects on both present and future generations. Sometimes war includes genocide and causes refugees, population exchanges, deportation, and prison and death camps. The end of a war may result in boundary changes and economic and political agreements that cause hardships for many people and lead to new conflicts. The resources used for war could be used for the benefit of people.

Even though humans have been fighting wars for thousands of years, we can end war. This web site is aimed at helping people achieve this.

On this site, you can find:

  • My blog posts on healing from war and working for peace
  • A resources page with books, articles, films, and links to other websites; and
  • A list of workshops that I can lead