Workshops can help people overcome discouragement, avoid burnout, strengthen relationships and generate new ideas and enthusiasm. The workshops I lead bring people together to share their and their ancestor’s stories, talk about their challenges and successes as peace activists, develop strategies, and have fun.

I can lead workshops on the following:

Healing from War

This workshop will help us understand the role of emotional healing in helping us become more effective as activists and in meeting the challenge of listening to people who have been directly affected by war – combat veterans and civilians who have experienced war.

Healing from genocide

I consider genocide as a form of war that has the unique characteristic of an attempt to eliminate a group of people. The effects of genocide last a long time and get passed on from generation to generation. This workshop will help participants learn how to help people heal from a history of genocide.

Starting and strengthening relationships for working for peace

This workshop will help people understand how divisive forces in the society such as racism, sexism, and classism interfere with our relations with other peace activists and to the people we need to reach. A central principal of this workshop is No human being is better or worse than any other human being.

The elimination of nuclear weapons

Many people are numb and terrified about a possible nuclear war. They do not have much hope that we can eliminate nuclear weapons. I think we can build a movement based on hope and determination. It is absurd that nuclear weapons continue to exist. It will help if we confront our fears and develop our ability to listen to others’ feelings about nuclear weapons.

Women, Men, and War

Women and men are both hurt by war, often in different ways. Being conditioned to fight in wars contributes significantly to men’s sexism. This workshop will help men and women listen to each other about the effects of war on them and their relationships.

Taking leadership for ending war

My plan is to develop a core group of leaders who learn how to lead these workshops, first by working with me, and then by leading on their own with the assistance of others in the group.


Workshops must last for at least 1 day (6-8 hours). If longer than a day, they can be residential or not.